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Anne of Green Gables

本日は、「赤毛のアン」(Anne of Green Gables)から素敵な会話をいくつか取り上げました。
Matthew Cuthbert: She?
Station Master: Don’t worry, I don’t think she’ll bite, Matthew.

Anne Shirley: Anne Shirley. Anne with an “e.”


Marilla Cuthbert: Anne Shirley, I’ve heard all about it. Now you open your door at once!
Anne Shirley: Please go away, Marilla. I’m in the depths of despair.
Marilla Cuthbert: Oh, fiddlesticks. Now, you open this door at once! Are you sick?
Anne Shirley: Go away. Don’t look at me.
Marilla Cuthbert: Oh, don’t play innocent with me. I’m so ashamed I don’t know where to begin. What do you mean by breaking your slate over some boy’s head?
Anne Shirley: He called me Carrots.
Marilla Cuthbert: I don’t care what he called you. You have no reason to lose your temper. Anne Shirley, what have you done to your hair?
Anne Shirley: Marilla, I thought nothing could be as bad as red hair. Green is ten times worse. You don’t know how utterly wretched I am.
Marilla Cuthbert: I little know how you got into this fix, but I demand that you tell me.
Anne Shirley: I dyed it.
Marilla Cuthbert: Dyed it? For mercy’s sake, child.
Anne Shirley: But he positively assured me it’d turn my hair a beautiful raven black.
Marilla Cuthbert: Who did? Who are you talking about?
Anne Shirley: The peddler we met on the road today.
Marilla Cuthbert: I absolutely forbid you to – . What’s the use? Well, I hope that this has opened your eyes to see where your vanity has taken you.
Anne Shirley: What shall I do? I’ll never be able to live this down. I can’t face him again. Gilbert Blythe had no right to call me carrots.
Marilla Cuthbert: You really smashed your slate over that boy’s head?
Anne Shirley: Yes.
Marilla Cuthbert: Hard?
Anne Shirley: Very hard, I’m afraid.
Marilla Cuthbert: I know I should be angry. I should be furious. What a way to behave your first day at school! But, it you promise me nothing of the sort will happen again, I won’t say another word about it.
Anne Shirley: You’re not going to send me back?
Marilla Cuthbert: I’ve come to a decision. Trial is over. You will stay at Green Gables.
Anne Shirley: Marilla!
Marilla Cuthbert: I think you may be a kindred spirit after all.

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